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Embrace Your Natural Crown!

Welcome to Naturally Ameira, prime destination for dreadlock artistry and natural hair care. Aligning with our brand, we celebrate the beauty and versatility of your natural textures.

Our Services:
•    Dreadlock Creation: Expert installation for all hair types
•    Loc Maintenance: Keep your locs healthy and vibrant

•    Crochet Locs
•    Natural Hair Styling: Embracing your curls, coils, and waves
•    Scalp Treatments: Nourishing care for a healthy foundation

We blend traditional techniques with modern expertise to create and maintain stunning dreadlocks and natural styles. We are passionate about helping you express your unique identity through your hair.
Whether you're starting your loc journey, maintaining your established dreads, or seeking expert care for your natural hair, we're here to guide you every step of the way.
Experience the difference of personalized, holistic hair care in our serene and cosy environment. Book your consultation today and let your natural beauty shine!

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Image by Larry George II
Smiling Model
Dreadlocks Salon
Artist with Tattoo
Hair Model
Hair Salon

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The following products and services will be provided:

•    High-quality, chemical-free products for individuals with all hair types and textures

•    Effective and nourishing solutions for those experiencing hair loss and hair damage

•    Nourishing natural products without ammonia or harsh bleach

•    Products containing natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter

•    Personalized consultations for each customer to develop a tailored natural hair care regimen

•    Natural hair care brushes, clips, hairsprays, and oils to enhance the look and feel of natural hair

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